for max results 30 day body challenge
30 day body challenge

The MRI 30-day body challenge is exactly that, 30 days to get as fit as possible with the motivation and support of 75 other challengers. Max Results with its team of trainers at MRI pioneered this fitness formula in 2007 and have been perfecting it ever since. It has become a great way to kick start your body into a fitness routine that will inspire anyone at any fitness level to stay motivated, especially after seeing the results in just 30 days.  All ages and fitness levels are encouraged to register. MRI has a winter, spring and fall challenge, which consists of 32-40 multiple types of workouts. Each Challenge starts and ends with a fitness, strength, conditioning and body composition test. MRI has an awards ceremony after each challenge which includes survivor shirts, an awards dinner focused on different category awards, and an overall champion. MRI and the advanced fitness trainers look forward to inspiring and leading you to an incredible 30-day fitness journey at the one and only MRI Fitness Training Complex.


Our next 30 Day Body Challenge will be offered September 10 2012, so please contact Mena Spodobalski Body Challenge Director for more information., 775-722-3384.